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Kite Surfing & Diving

Soma Bay offers some of the best kite surfing conditions and underwater experiences in the world. At CWR, we are proud to offer you select opportunities for participating in these fun and exciting activities.

Planet All Sports - leaders in kite and windsurfing - is located at CWR’s beachfront offering a high quality selection of the latest windsurfing gear and a friendly and experienced staff. Strong winds, shallow waters and our sandy beach make for a truly energizing experience. For more from Planet All Sports visit www.planetallsports.com.

Explore the unique underwater wonders of the Red Sea with Scuba World. From snorkeling excursions to diving certification, and if you’re a beginner or seasoned diver, Scuba World has everything you need to discover a the vibrancy of sea life. For more from Scuba World Divers visit: www.scubaworlddivers.com

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